Suzuki Exhaust Systems

Suzuki Exhaust Systems

Suzuki enthusiasts demand a high level of performance and reliability from their machines. At Two Brothers Racing (TBR), we recognize this and have developed a complete lineup of unique, high-quality products to increase both performance and style.

With the largest selection of Suzuki performance exhaust systems in the market, TBR has a setup that will not only cut weight but also boost power on whatever Suzuki bike you're riding. Whether it's a slip-on/flange-on setup or a complete system, the power and performance gains will be substantial.

We have systems designed specifically for Bandits, B-Kings, Hayabusas, Katanas, SV650s, SV1000s, the GSX600/750 and GSXR1000 ("Gixxers") model series', and many more. Complementing these premium systems is a full lineup of performance parts and accessories that include jet kits, fuel controllers, and filters, just to name a few. All of these items combine to ensure your bike performs at the Absolute Top Level™.

For a detailed explanation of each type of exhaust system and canister available, please refer to the exhaust systems page.

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