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Stage 1 / Configuration 1.0 Jet Kit
Intended for motorcycles with a stock engine using the stock airbox, stock/aftermarket air filter and stock/aftermarket exhaust. These jet kits are designed to improve throttle response and driveability and in most cases power increases of approximately 5% throughout the entire power range can be achieved.

Configuration 1.1 Titanium Jet Kit
Same as the Configuration 1.0 jet kits except with Titanium needles. Titanium needles are not affected by unleaded fuels and have an vastly extended lifespan when compared to stainless steel, aluminum or gray coated aluminum needles. Stainless steel allen screws for the float bowls are included as well.

Stage 2
Intended for motorcycles with a stock or mildly tuned engine using a well designed aftermarket pipe with a modified airbox and a stock replacement air filter. Stage 2 kits are designed for applications where individual filters cannot be installed and for applications where airbox modification improves the engine's performance. In most cases power increases of approximately 8% can be achieved.

Configuration 2.1 Airbox Plus Jet Kit (available for CBR900RR 1993-99 only)
This is one of the best CBR900RR jet kits available today. Adds up to 3-4hp at 7.5k+ rpm when compared to a properly jetted bike using a standard Conf. 1.0 jet kit. Replaces the restrictive stock/aftermarket air filter with external 2 air filter pods. The airbox exterior remains stock but requires internal airbox modifications. This kit produces more horsepower and costs less than other non pressurized airbox kit combinations. A must with ported heads or aftermarket cams. *Note-when used with restricted camshafts (as in California, France, and Switzerland) use 2 to 3 smaller sized main jets.

Configuration 3.0 Jet Kit
Similar as Configuration 1.0 jet kits but intended for motorcycles with stock or mildly tuned engines using an aftermarket pipe and individual air filters (airbox removed).

Configuration 1.7 Race Kit
Configuration 1.7 Race Kits are carburetor kits that require modifications to the carburetor body. This may include drilling, tapping, reaming and/or other modifications depending on the exact application. These operations should NOT be done by anyone who is not comfortable with modifying expensive carburetor bodies. The Race Kit is designed to modify the fuel delivery curve in exactly the proper proportions. The carburetor now has the ability to be tuned to deliver exactly the proper amount of fuel at cruise and at every rpm and throttle opening - the benefit being more power - everywhere.

Jet kits marked as "CA Only" are for models originally sold in California and equipped with California pollution control devices. Some items may not be legal for sale or use in California on any pollution-controlled vehicles. Dynojet jet kits are legal only for racing vehicles -- not applicable or intended for use on pollution controlled street or highway vehicles.

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