Frequently Asked Questions - JuiceBox Pro

< Return to previous page 01. Does a JuiceBox Pro give me more power?

This depends on the state of your vehicle. The Juice Box Pro is a tuning tool that adjusts fuel to optimize the Air / Fuel ratio. If your current AFR is not optimized then this usually will improve drivability, throttle response, and mid-range horsepower and torque. If the vehicle has been modified in some way to increase airflow through the motor, the Juice Box Pro can provide the correct amount of fuel for those modifications. This will often give an increase in overall horsepower. The Juiced Box Pro comes with a dyno developed map that is built for your bike with a Two Brothers Racing Exhaust.

02. Does the JuiceBox Pro increase my top speed?

No. Your top speed is limited by gearing and/or restrictions in the ECU. Even if you increase the engines output it does not mean that it will increase top speed.

03. Do I need a computer to install a map?

No. The Juice Box Pro comes with a map for a Two Brothers racing exhaust. Just select the map that is for your bike listed in the install instructions that were shipped with your Juice Box Pro. The software provided is for custom tuning.

04. How do I calibrate the Throttle Position Sensor?

If yours is not reading "zero" at idle with the motor at normal temperature, then use the following procedure to correct it. In the Top Tune Software, go to menu "Device Tools" and look for the tool to calibrate the throttle. The bike should always be running when setting the throttle position, as the voltage the sensor sends out can vary between when the bike is at "key on" and "motor running". The bike also needs to be8 fully warmed up to its normal operating temperature. All you need to do is press "reset" while the bike running at idle, then quickly turn the throttle wide open till you hit the mechanical stop, then let go. Next press "Ok". You don't have to rev the bike out, the throttle just needs to go all the way to wide open and then back to idle.

05. How do I select a map?

Read your instructions to determine which maps your Juice Box Pro came with and determine the closest configuration for your bike. Use the map dial on the faceplate of the Juice Box Pro and select this position. Look closely at the dial and the small arrow at the top of one of the slots should point to the number you select. Install and ride. No tuning needed or loading different maps if everything runs good.

06. Why is there popping from exhaust when I decelerate?

Decel popping is caused by the detonation of unburned fuel in the exhaust pipe. This happens with high flow exhausts that allow more fresh air to be pulled into the pipe, causing the exhaust temperature to rise and detonate any unburnt fuel. Ways to reduce and possibly eliminate this popping are listed below and can vary between bikes.
1. Exhaust leaks can cause decel pop, make sure the exhaust is sealed completely at the motor, and at any other connections.
2. We have found that adding fuel is sometimes needed to reduce popping. Highlight the zero percent column and try adding fuel to the map. Start with putting a value of 15 in the cells above 2000 RPM and see if the popping has reduced.
3. Block off the fresh air injection systems. This will reduce the air being fed into the exhaust, causing the higher exhaust temperatures and detonation. This is the large hose coming from the Cylinder head cover to the air box. Do not block of the breather hose to the crankcase.

07. What is the red light when bike is running?

This is correct and it is showing the unit is getting power, on some models the light will remain on for up to 10 min after the bike is turned off.

08. Why don't my plugs match up?

Usually you are plugging into the wrong connector. There are sometimes multiple connectors using the same connector but usually a different color. Be sure you have tried to fit it to the correct place and color connector.

09. I don't see a map that describes my modifications, now what?

The Juice Box Pro is tunable with the supplied Top Tune Software or you can import any Power Commander map that they may have on their website Start with the map the fits your bike the closest and make adjustments from there if the bike has any symptoms of not running well. If you bike runs good you don't need tuning or a different map.

10. Why won't my bike start?

First make sure the unit is installed correctly and that you have a good ground. Always try the battery ground if there is any doubt. Does the light on the Juicebox illuminate? If not then more than likely it is installed incorrectly. Try plugging the TPS connector back as stock and see if it will start.

11. How do I use the LOW, MID and HIGH dials for tuning?

The low, mid and high are split evenly between the RPM range. If your bike rev's to 12,000 low would be 0-4000 RPM, Mid 4001-8000 RPM and High 8001-12000 RPM. The range on the these dials is -10 to +10 and affect the complete RPM range in the Range you choose. Try Max lean -10 and then Max Rich.

12 .Can the software be used on a MAC computer?

No. Currently the software is only compatible with Windows based computers.

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