What Is The Difference Between Standard, Silver and Black Series?

August 16, 2016

What Is The Difference Between Standard, Silver and Black Series?

Here at Two Brothers Racing know that your bike is your “baby” and we believe that you shouldn’t have to settle on looks when it come to buying exhaust. That is why we have developed the Standard; Silver and Black series exhaust systems so you can dial in the exact style you’re looking for. Sound and performance is the same across the board but that is where the similarities stop.

Standard Series

The Standard series could be referred to as our golden boy as it showcases a style that is loud and proud. Featuring gold anodized inlets and outlets that are CNC machined out of lightweight and super strong billet aluminum and a much more colorful badge. This series is available in our signature filament wound carbon fiber, polished aluminum or titanium canisters.

Silver Series

Clean and mean is the look of the Silver Series exhaust as it showcases a crisp style that looks so good on the bike you will think it should of came that way in the first place. Featuring clear anodized silver inlets and out lets as well assilver rivet bands providing a color matching effect. These systems also have a specialized silver badge to match the accents of the can and are available in polished aluminum or carbon fiber.

Black Series

Black on black, the Black Series line-up was built for those of you who like the “murdered out” look. With a bold style this systems looks great on most bikes because most bikes have black in the color scheme. Featuring ceramic-coated black inlets and outlets, black rivet bands and a blacked out badge, this series will bring out your dark side. Choose from filament wound carbon fiber, polishedaluminum or titanium canisters to get the exact color combo your looking for.

Bring out the best in your bike with Two Brothers Racing! With over 30 years experience building the “absolute top level” exhaust systems. Hand built in Santa Ana, California USA for unmatched quality and sound. Find out what you have been missing.

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