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M6 P2 MX Mini Race Pipe Power Tip (-5 to 7 dB)

M6 P2 MX Mini Race Pipe Power Tip (-5 to 7 dB)

Part Number: 005-P2 Price: $20.98 QTY:
Description: Many municipalities and tracks have begun to implement new, tougher regulations that limit the sound output of street bikes, offroad cycles and ATVs. Two Brothers Racing has developed a series of highly effective sound reducing tips which can help you be compliant.

Our P2 PowerTip™ sound suppressor is a recommended accessory for all M-6 mini exhaust canisters. The P2 PowerTip™ quiets the pipe about 3-4 dB with no significant reduction in horsepower. The P2 fits all M-6 exhaust systems and it’s easy to install - simply unbolt your existing M-6 endcap, drop in the P2 and reassemble.
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Two Brothers Racing Products Are For Closed Course Competition Use Only. Not Intended for Street Use.