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M2/M5 Exhaust Refresh Kits

If you are looking to maximize the longevity of your motorcycle exhaust, Two Brothers Racing has developed an Exhaust Refresh Kit that will keep you in front of the pack even after your TBR exhaust has recorded thousands of miles. At TBR we recommend inspecting your exhaust system after every ride for any loose hardware, and a repack of your muffler canister every 5,000 miles of operation. In addition to the repack materials and bolts, the Refresh Kit also includes a new end cap and a new tip. After taking advantage of the Refresh Kit, you'll feel like you're installing a brand new system.

  • 1x Magnesium Endcap
  • 1x Repack Kit
  • 1x TBR Sticker Kit
  • 1x P1-X Power Tip
  • 1x SS Endcap Bolt Kit
  • Made in the USA


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